Stand up for Taiwan

March on Washington, 18 June 1998

Statement by Prof. Wen-yen Chen, chairman of FAPA

Prof. Chen Wen-yen

Fellow Taiwanese and Taiwanese-Americans, and all who have gathered here today. Next week, President Clinton will depart for Beijing where he will meet with President Jiang Zemin in Beijing. We are here today to send a signal to President Clinton and to both Houses of Congress that during next week's summit the US should not sacrifice the welfare and future of the 21 million people of Taiwan.

It should be clear that the existence of a free, democratic and independent Taiwan is not only in the interest of the 21 million people of Taiwan, it is in the interest of China, the U.S. and the rest of the world as well! More specifically: when in Beijing, we ask President Clinton to

  1. reject any plans to codify the "Three Noes." (No support for a. Taiwan independence, b. "One China, One Taiwan", and c. Taiwan's membership in international organizations that require statehood.)
  2. We want the President to call on the People's Republic of China to renounce the use of force against Taiwan.
  3. We ask him to urge China to stop blocking Taiwan's participation in international organizations; especially membership in international organizations such as the UN, WHO and the WTO.
  4. We ask the President to reaffirm to Beijing the terms of the 1979 Taiwan Relations Act both in terms of continuation of arms sales to Taiwan and a peaceful resolution of cross-Strait relations.
  5. And finally, the U.S. should affirm its commitment to the principle that the people of Taiwan have the right to determine their own future, as laid down in article 1 of the United Nations charter.

Most importantly, we do not want to see the future of Taiwan be determined by the People's Republic of China. Let's make clear today that only the people of Taiwan, and nobody else, have the right to determine the future of Taiwan!

Thank you!

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Last updated on 27 June 1998